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About Us


We Love Fitness

Health and Fitness is important to us and we want to share that with you. BodyDiscover is a collection of information and resources that professionals have provided to bring you closer to your fitness dreams.

 Our Passion

  • We are committed to continually advancing our resources and services to help you live longer and healthier lives. Oh yea, and to Look Good too.

 Our Strategy

It is only through the collaboraton of our contributuing professionals that we are able to provide the most quality of information for use by our readers. In return, BodyDiscover's goal is to promote our professionals not as an expert but "THE" Expert in their profession. 


Body Discover was started by a few ambitious fitness trainers in Florida that wanted to make a difference for the better. We are passionate about fitness, and we want to spread enthusiasm to you. We welcome the opportunity to hear your thoughts and ideas.


So feel free to contact us any time.

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