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How to Write for BodyDiscover

Are you looking for potential publicity and more traffic to your website? Then you came to the right place. Our sole purpose is to promote your expertise and drive more business for you.

                                                                     Submit An Article

First Let us start off with what we don’t want

  • We will not post links to products or services we do not personally endorse of find suitable for our readers
  • We will not post articles that are obvious ads, sketchy or link-bait
  • We intend to uphold the quality of our content to continually provide valuable material for our readers.

Who do We Want to write for BodyDiscover?

  •  We are looking for contribution from experts in all facets of health and fitness that are knowledgeable in their respected field.
  •  Our professionals are the few that go above and beyond the standard when it comes to providing a service or a product that can help in the interest of health
  • Most of All, we are looking for people to inspire others

We Are Picky

  • Value to our Readers is not an option. Every article published will bring someone closer to a life goal.
  • We have high standards and it should reflect in your article. Our readers don’t want a bunch of fluff.

BodyDiscover Gives Back

We want nothing more than to see you succeed in your profession and we will do everything in our power to make it happen, even if it means screaming your name from the tallest mountain. Contributors are always shown preferential treatment at BodyDiscover.

  • We will drive more traffic to your site or organization
  • We will recommend our readers to the benefits of your products and services all over the nation
  • You give to us, we will return the favor

How to Contribute Now

1. Get started by sign up for free

2. Go to the Submit Article Section

3. Write an Article (don’t forget to check out our BodyDiscover Writing Tips and Guidelines page)

4. Then, one of our editors will notify you if we will use your submission


Writing Standards in Brief

  • Avoid sales pitches at all cost
  • Your article can be formal or casual
  • Your article should get right to the point and be helpful to the reader