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Fitness Marketing Articles

What Your Competition is NOT Doing…That You Should


There are Gyms, Health Shops, and Personal Training Studios everywhere and only one of us. How do you stand out in a crowded pond? With all the competition it becomes challenging to grill people on how your products and services are superior and second to none. Listed below are a few strategies to incorporate to help your business grow and the best part is your competition is not doing it.

Create REAL Value

What is real value, You ask? Is it money a back guarantee, 2 free sessions with the purchase of 5 or is it the most competitive price. WRONG

Your new definition of value is the benefits YOU deliver through your expertise, dedication and commitment for your services. Some example of value could be offering a free seminar, writing a weekly helpful column, or through client testimonials.

Your competition isn’t doing this because it takes work. They are interested in doing the bare minimum then closing up shop when the day is over.

Client Testimonials

This deserves a section of its own, why? Because your current customers are the BEST spokespersons for your business.

Ask your customers to record an audio or video testimony of your service. Don’t forget to return the favor with lunch. Trust me your return will be well worth it.

You can bet your competition is not using testimonials for business.

Take Leadership

Being a leader in your community or an organization is a great way to establish you as an expert in your field. People go to “THE Expert” when they want the best services or products.

Don’t have a group to take charge of? Create one that best compliments your business. People love to associate with others for direction.

Network Like Crazy

Opportunities can be found in the strangest places, but how would you know if you weren’t there. Networking events are great for finding new prospects.

Take Action

Ready, Fire, Aim. Action can be related to all of the preceding guidelines and many I haven’t mentioned. Failure to act on anything that could advance your business will result in falling behind your competition. It’s time for you to be known as the trend setter and create the new standard.

Author Bio:

Eric Whiteman is a writer and the creator of BodyDiscover. He traded in his successes a as fitness trainer to help promote health and fitness professionals grow their businesses on a grander scale. If you have any input that you would like to provide email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.