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How to Convert More of your Prospects…NOW?


That’s right and the best part is that there are no concessions needed.  As fitness professionals I’m sure you have heard every excuse in the book.  “I’m just shopping around”… “I not sure if I’m ready for that yet”…”I don’t know if I can afford that right now.”

Way to make you feel like an expert right? Was it my extra thin tank top, bike shorts, fanny pack, and warming socks? It’s OK we are here to help but not with the 80s attire.  

We have put together the best strategies to help get your prospects to action to better live there life through you guessed it… YOU

Here are 5 Strategies you need to boost your sales

It is not about you, it’s about them

This is the most important concept to understand during the whole process. Your prospect does not care how many certifications you have hanging on your wall. They IMMEDIATELY need to know how you can help their situation.

It is your job to find out why your prospect really came to you for help. Your main objective to convert your selling process into your client’s buying process.  You achieve through a combination of listing and asking the right questions.

Convey your Passion for Their Results

You are here to help people, Right?

Show concern for your potential client’s desired results. The more they believe that you are really in business to help them, the better you turnover will be.

"Good" Questions

Questions are the meat of the sale.  They are the best way to qualify potential clients and play the biggest role in closing the sale. 

Not all questions are created equal... To become better at sales you need to develop the best set of questions to your prospect’s reason for buying.

  • Example - I think it’s great that you are looking for a personal trainer, but why is your health a concern to you now?... Why is that important to you?

Questions are a great way to overcome all objections and find out why your client wants to buy. Your questions can show a lot of compassion from your end and quickly differentiate your services from the competition.

30 second Campaign

The 30 commercial is the strategy of yesterday.  30 seconds Campaigns are designated for the elite who are looking to advance in fitness (the presidential candidates of fitness). It’s time we step it up, revise and ramp.  If you don’t move anyone with your campaign, you still have some work to do.

  • 30 sec commercial example - Hello my name is Mark. I am a mobile personal trainer in the Greater Atlanta Area, here is my business card
  • 30 sec campaign example - Hello my name is Mark. I specialize in changing people lives for the better through fitness makeovers. I would be glade to talk with you further to see if you can BENEFIT from my services.

Capture their interest with the first line and then quickly relate it back to your prospect.

Practice, Practice, Practice and Oh Yea… PRACTICE

Practice makes perfect.   Prospective clients can read the confidence that comes from the preparation it takes to be the best. To prospect confidence = expertise.

  • Practice your 30 sec campaign at your local networking event
  • Master the best strategies for asking question
  • Master why clients buy
  • Master how to immediately build rapport

 Author Bio:

Eric Whiteman is a writer and the creator of BodyDiscover. He traded in his successes a as fitness trainer to help promote health and fitness professionals grow their businesses. If you have any input that you would like to provide email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.